Sneak Peek: What’s in My Bag?

My Purse

Taking a sneak peek into what is in someone’s bag can definitely give you an insight into what type of person someone is and sometimes the experiences the person has encountered. A person’s bag will either contain a lot of items or just a few simple ones but no matter what you can be certain that the bag is important otherwise why carry it with you. Since this is my first time blogging I decided to start with a What’s in My Bag post in hopes that it will help you learn a little about who I am. I will not provide a full list of everything in my purse because I am one of those people who carries a lot, specifically when I use a large purse, so we would be here for what would seem like eternity. Now I can tell you that my purse itself is nothing special but some of its contents are:

1. Headphones – So I can listen to music and tune others out when I need to really focus on work.

2. Change – Who doesn’t need change?! It comes in handy for when I want to use a vending machine at work.

3. Compact mirror – Useful for putting on makeup and making sure I don’t have anything on my face that shouldn’t be there.

4. Bausch + Lomb multi-purpose solution – Yes I am blind as a bat so this is necessary in case my contacts get dry or dirty.

5. Brush – I keep it on me because my hair gets messy because of the work headset I use and to help with hair frizzies.

6. Coupons – I like to save money.

7. Makeup – Don’t use it all the time but you have to prepared for a last minute date, happy hour, or ladies’ night out.

8. Gum – You never know when you will need it.

9. Spare car key – Maybe not the brightest idea but I figure I always take my purse out of my car so if I lock my first set in the car I can still get in.

10. Deodorant – One day I ran out of my house in a hurry to meet some friends and I forgot to put deodorant on so I had to stop off at the store on my way there. Now I don’t have to worry about it and plus you never know when you will need to freshen up.

Looking over my list I start to wonder what people think this reveals about me. Maybe some people see me as a paranoid individual who likes to ensure that her appearance is on point whereas others may simply see me as a frugal individual with a cluttered purse.

Tell me what the contents of my purse revealed about me to you and don’t forget to share what’s in your bag.


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